Geothermal Drilling

At GreenGlove Boreholes our primary focus is the drilling and installation of geothermal loops. We work with energy companies and GSHP installers throughout the UK on both commercial and domestic projects to provide renewable energy.
Our team has experience delivering projects for but not limited to; universities, schools, colleges, supermarkets and residential properties.
We have the experience and capability to drill and install geothermal loops in excess of 200m using some of the most advanced techniques in the industry.
Geothermal loops operate by circulating fluid around the looped installation pipe conducting naturally produced heat which is then extracted by a heat exchange at the surface. The loops are flow and pressure tested before installation into the borehole. The borehole is then backfilled with a thermally enhanced grout which prevents cross contamination and ensures optimum heat transfer. A final flow and pressure test is performed to provide a fully commissioned system.

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We are a multi disciplined nationwide drilling contractor focusing on geothermal, waterwell and soakaway boreholes.
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