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Soakaway Drilling

A soakaway is a beneath surface construction built to facilitate surface water drainage into permeable strata beneath a location that does not have any connectivity to streams, ditches or man-made drainage systems.

The soakaway borehole is constructed by drilling through the impermeable strata beneath a site until a permeable strata is penetrated. During construction permeability tests are carried out by filling the bore with water and monitoring the time it takes to flow out of the base.

Commercial Soakaways Boreholes

We provide soakaways for a range of commercial sites from independent companies to business parks as well as sporting complexes.

Working with industry leading technology, and always following best practice, our project management-led approach ensure that the service we offer runs smoothly, on-time and minimises any business disruption.

Residential Soakaways Boreholes

Working with you to minimise disruption, our residential soakaways are completed on time and within budget for all properties including older and period homes.

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Commercial Soakaways Boreholes

Get in touch with us to discuss your Soakaway requirements

Get in touch with us to discuss your
Soakaway requirements

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