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Waterwell Drilling

Water boreholes (also known as waterwells) are deep, narrow wells that are drilled down to the water table and tap into naturally occurring underground water. This produces a private water supply that is often purer than that provided by the water companies and to use this water, a high efficiency pump is installed to extract the water from the permeable rock below.

You can extract up to 20,000 litres per day of groundwater for domestic or commercial usage without any permission, an abstraction license, or additional fees. Many boreholes have been known to pay for themselves in a year.

Commercial Waterwells

With all the correct equipment and dedicated experts required to meet your expectations, GreenGlove Boreholes are able to provide drilling solutions for a wide range of commercial sites, regardless of your geology.

Residential Waterwells

Working to ensure minimal disruption, our dedicated project team can provide water boreholes to private properties.

Agricultural Waterwells

Whatever the size of your agricultural property, we can provide the right borehole solution for you, handling the entire project from initial site survey through to implementation.

Sports & Leisure Waterwells

We provide water boreholes to a number of sports and leisure facilities including golf courses, rugby pitches, football grounds and public parks.

Let us provide the complete end-to-end solution to meet your requirements.

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Get in touch with us to discuss your
Waterwell Borehole requirements

Get in touch with us to discuss your Waterwell Borehole requirements

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